Glassroom projects

Margaret Roberts: ‘When Circumferences became Diameters’ 2021

I set out to use the reflections and spatial ambiguity of the Glassroom to replicate the historic red pillar that has accompanied it since it was first built, and will probably remain after its imminent passing. But the ambiguity spread, turning circumferences into diameters, producing a monumental replication as well—a likeness vertically, but exaggerated horizontally.

This happened because I provided measurements as circumferences, not realising that circumference measurements have no place in the polystyrene-cutting industry, and would be automatically read as diameters. So unbeknownst I set myself up to fail, and I accidentally made a work that is like a project I ask of first year Drawing students, which is to take risks with a system prone to accident, and see what happens.

Photo credits: left: Peter Morgan; right: John Stanfield