Artist interviews Digital Drawing

Experimenting with sound for animation and video

When we are working with moving images sound can be a playful and experimental dimension to the work in which chance and randomness play an important role. We have a strong desire and impulse to connect movement to sound. This allows for sounds that we might think of as unrelated to the visual aspects of a work to become powerfully entangled with the moving image.

In this inspiring interview with Jason Di Rosso audio engineer, sound designer and film sound editor Dean Hurley discusses his ongoing collaboration with director David Lynch. Dean Hurley has collaborated with David Lynch on many projects including Season 3 of Twin Peaks (2017). This interview highlights the value of an experimental approach to working with sound. There is also a useful distinction here between an experimental phase, in which you just allow yourself to try all sorts of things, and the evaluation of those experiments, which is something that might happen much later.

In this video Ben Denham discusses Dean Hurley’s collaboration with David Lynch followed by some practical experiments with sound and animation

In this video Ben Denham demonstrates the use of Paul Stretch, free software for the extreme stretching of audio files (up to 1000 times).

Download Paul Stretch for windows.

Paul Stretch for Mac is available here.

Artist interviews Digital Drawing

Jim Campbell: low resolution works

Jim Campbell is an artist who studied electrical engineering and mathematics. He is well known for his low-resolution video works. He creates custom LED video arrays in which individual LEDs act as pixels. The arrays vary in size from 300 LEDs to over a thousand. Even at their largest these arrays are a tiny fraction of the resolution of the screens in most electronic devices.

Read an interview with artist (PDF)

In this short video Ben Denham discusses Jim Campbell’s work and describes some simple ways to create low-resolution effects when shooting video.

In this tutorial Ben looks at creating low resolution works with the mosaic effect in Premiere Pro and a number of techniques for manipulating the colours of the pixels created by that effect.

And in this tutorial Ben looks at how modes can be used to remove information from and image and create low resolution effects including an effect that is similar to a line drawing.

Artist interviews Documentation Expanded Drawing

Francis Alÿs

Francis Alÿs works with video as a means to document actions that often occur in public spaces. In the iconic video-performance work Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing, (1997) the artist pushes a large block of ice around the streets of Mexico City until it completely melts away.

While Alÿs’ videos are both documentation and the work itself, in the gallery context the spatial arrangement of different works, and whether they are projected or on a screen, adds to our understand of these works.

Alÿs’ work offers us some interesting examples of expanded drawing. In his work The Greenline (2004) Alÿs literally takes a line for a walk by ‘following the portion of the ‘Green Line’ that runs through the municipality of Jerusalem’ while carrying a leaking can of green paint.

Read an interview with Francis Alÿs (PDF).

Artist interviews

Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow is a UK sculptor who has maintained a very strong drawing practice. In this short documentary she offers insights into her studio processes and experiences as human and artist.

Artist interviews The Archive

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread likens her collecting of objects to drawings. She also makes drawings on paper from the objects. Her method of finding and collecting objects and extending them into new strands of her art practice is similar to the way drawing on paper can be the initial exploration of an ‘idea’.  In this video Rachel Whiteread talks about her collection of objects.

Artist interviews Expanded Drawing

Joyce Hinterding

On 21 February 2019 NAS lecturer Ben Denham, spoke with Joyce Hinterding about her drawing work.