Margaret Olley Drawing Week 2020

View the Margaret Olley Drawing Week 2020: Online Exhibition

The Drawing Week workshops are for students enrolled in 2nd and 3rd year of the National Art School BFA program.

All enrolled students need to choose one workshop from the range of workshops listed below. Each workshop offers a distinct focus for drawing over the four days from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 February at locations ranging from the historic township of Hill End to the State Library of NSW and the National Art School campus. Each workshop provides scope for students to start the year with a full immersion in the process of making, looking at and thinking about drawing.

Each page also includes visual references to get you started.

There will be an exhibition of Drawings from Drawing Week in the Rainer Hoff Project Space from Monday 23 to Friday 27 March 2020.

Selection Process

You will make your selection by following the EVENTBRITE link on each page. There are no second or third preferences. You can only book in for one workshop.

Booking will open on Wednesday January 29th at 9.30 AM and closes on Sunday Friday the 14th February at 4.30 PM. You will not be able to book before the 29th of January. You will need your student number to book in.

Once workshops are full, booking for that workshop will close.

The Drawing Week 2020 workshops are listed below. Press on the workshop title to view full details.

A summary of the workshops, lecturers and locations:

  • Drawing the NAS site  with Deborah Beck in the NAS archive and the Hoff loft, Building 11, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • The Opera of Drawing with David Horton and Jim Croke at the Sydney Opera House and NAS Sculpture studios, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • On Site at the Coal Loader with Annelies Jahn and Anthony Cahill at the Coal Loader, Waverton, 9.30 – 4.30 each day
  • Developing a Line of Thought: Thinking Through Drawing with Lynne Eastaway, Susan Andrews, Roger Crawford and Nick Collerson in the Building 5 Painting Studios at NAS, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Proximity with Margaret Roberts will be at Articulate Project Space which is an artist run space in Parramatta Rd Leichhardt. 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Drawing with Video with Gary Warner and Ben Denham in the Photomedia studio at NAS, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • The Drawing Marathon with Fran O’Neill at NAS, 9.30 – 4.30 each day
  • Watercolour with Maryanne Coutts in the Chapel at NAS, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Renaissance Reborn with Paul Higgs at NAS, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Animation with Sarah Eddowes in the Digilab at NAS, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Drawing in the Library with Chelsea Lehmann and Kim Spooner at the State Library of NSW, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Drawing on Clay – Drawing with Clay with Louise Boscacci and Stephen Bird in the NAS 2nd year ceramic studio, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Hill End: Excavations with Charles Cooper in Hill End. This is residential so there are extra travel and accommodation costs.
  • Drawing with Light with Ella Dreyfus and Amanda Williams in the NAS darkrooms and 1st Year Photomedia studios, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • Drawing Relations  with Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig and Julie Fragar at Studio 26-3 at NAS and off-campus locations, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.
  • The Drawing Book with Polly Joannou in Building 26 at NAS and various sites around Sydney, 9.30 – 4.30 each day.

The Margaret Olley Drawing Week is made possible by the generous support of the Margaret Olley Trust and the State Library of NSW.