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Annelies Jahn

Annelies Jahn has installed discarded cream charges (‘nangs’), that she has collected on her walks, in several different configurations. The ordering of these objects in space is central to these works.

Giorgio Morandi

For Giorgio Morandi drawing was a way of organise and archiving his collection of bottles .

Suzanne Archer

Suzanne Archer an archive of the remnants of once living creatures that has formed the bases of many large scale drawings. 

Lee Lozano

In the early 1960s the American artist Lee Lozano executed a series of drawings of everyday tools.

Daniel Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri archived a moment in time in 1962 by tracing the location of objects as they were sitting on a table at a particular moment.

Patrick Pound

“I began collecting things to inform my work. Gradually the things became the work.
My work became a sorting project more than a making project.” – Patrick Pound
See the artist’s recent exhibition including a video in which Pound shares insights on his ‘archiving’ practice:

Wayne Thiebaud and Lisa Milroy

Wayne Thiebaud and Lisa Milroy are two artists who have, independently of each other, created drawings and paintings of large collections of objects organised into patterns.

Luke Thurgate

Luke Thurgate spent ten days in residence at the Burra Regional Art Gallery developing a community authored archive of objects.


Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread likens her collecting of objects to drawings. She also draws from her objects.

Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski worked with police archives, collapsing the categories of perpetrator and victim.

Janet Laurence

Janet Laurence researched the materials and pigments used in paintings by old Dutch masters and organised some of those materials in glass display cases.

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller worked with objects from the Freud Museum archive.

Sue Breakell

Sue Breakell has written on the place of the archive in contemporary art practice.

Fiona Hall

Fiona Hall is an artist who uses archiving conventions in her work.

Tony Albert

Tony Albert collected kitsch ‘Aboriginalia’ as part of his response to the apology to Indigenous Australians by the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Song Dong

Song Dong categorised and arranged objects hoarded by his mother to create an archive that reflects broader social and cultural issues.

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